New Level Academy

Transcend X has been working in our school through their vision mentoring and coaching with our students as well as overseeing our pastoral care for over a year. They have been an incredible addition to our school and helped to shape and shift the culture with some of our hardest students. A great addition to any school in supporting the students and removing the barriers so they can achieve. – Mr. T Springer

Michael is an outstanding speaker, mentor and coach that leaves many reassessing and looking for ways forward to become the best version of themselves.
He demonstrates empathy and compassion but mostly he listens. These are the attributes that makes him a success in what he does/did-as my pupils said: ‘we can relate to him…he gets us’. – Ms A Maistry

Rushcroft School

Davenant School

Michael and his team have been into our school and worked with some of our students who were struggling with their attitudes and behaviour. The vision mentoring that they offered helped our students get focused and back on track. His assemblies are some of the best I have ever seen. – Ms D Lake

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