Personal Development

Personal Development

At Transcend X we believe in the betterment of self. Here we offer coaching for yourself or team. We also offer talks around using these tools as a premise. 

Executive functions focuses on the brains basic functions. Everyone has an area of their executive functions that is weaker than the others and with coaching can be trained to be stronger. It might be your emotional control or your time management that’s an issue for you. We will give you the tools you need for it to become a strength.

Executive Functions Coaching

Mindset Coaching

Everyone is born with the same amount of neutrons in our brains. Not all of us reach the same levels in our lives. There are various reasons for this, but our mindset is one of them. Maybe your mindset is holding you back and preventing you from stepping out and doing things you have always wanted to. We want to help you break free from fear, low self esteem and intimidation.

Helping you to maximise your potential to better your life and reach your goals

Life Coaching

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