To Transcend


  1. be or go beyond the range or limits of (a field of activity or conceptual sphere).”
  2. Similar: go beyond, rise above, cut across.

Transcend X is based on the simple truth and notion of hope. Hope is the simple belief that things can change. We believe that no life or situation is beyond hope and we use paradigm shifting to challenge and influence the emotional intelligence of our clients, through powerful talks, integrative coaching that focuses on mindset and practical steps to help the client to overcome obstacles and remove the barriers stopping them from achieving. We do this with organisations, businesses, leaders and their teams as well.


The Next Generation

To reach young people and those that work with them.


Equip the next Generation of Leaders

To raise the next generation of leaders.


Youth and Youth Providers

To equip young people and leaders through training, talks and coaching.


Give the next Generation of Leaders Opportunity to Lead

To provide a platform so that the next generation can be the best they can be.


Strategy for better

To offer coaching and consultancy to organisations and leaders to help them strategically with their impact and influence on the next generation.

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