We Are Transcend X

We are a coaching and consultancy business with a focus on the Next Generation, personal development and leadership. We help people and organisations to get unstuck, overcome failure, realise their potential and grow their capacity for more. We help people to Transcend.

About Us

Our Vision

We believe every generation should have the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of the last. Transcend X is passionately committed to setting that platform for the teenagers of our city. We don’t just want to complain or let the problems pass us by but take responsibility, doing all we can to see young people overcome and succeed.

What We Offer


Transcend X offers different type of coaching that aims to use proven psychological methods to be able to strengthen the weak areas in your life.

Personal Development

At Transcend X we believe in the betterment of self. Here we offer coaching for yourself or team. We also offer talks around using these tools as a premise. 


Transcend X offers thoughts and possible solutions to businesses, organisations and individuals that help them to rise up and go beyond their ordinary limits. Whether it is structural, organisational, teams, individuals, Transcend X will help you and your vision.


Transcend X mentoring comes alongside people and helps walk with them in the direction they want or need to go. We do group or one to one mentoring. Limited Edition program focuses on identity, self esteem, purpose, emotional intelligence and paradigm shifting.


Transcend X believes in the next generation and the people who are helping and working with the next generation. We work with young people who are hard to engage, underachieving and at the risk of exclusion


Transcend X delivers motivational and inspirational talks to various kinds of audiences to help people believe in their own unique opportunity of life. These talks help the participants to discover their unique vision, their personal declaration and their life defining mark the world is waiting for them to leave. From schools to businesses to conferences, book in now to have your people moved to leave a legacy in their worlds. 


What People Say

“Michael is a supportive team member, and he is also capable of taking a leadership position where necessary and appropriate. He is a strategic thinker that understands how to design measurable activities and interventions that inspire and engage young people to develop new skills.”

Octavia Findlay – Ashley Azella Ltd

The vision mentoring that they offered helped our students get focused and back on track. His assemblies are some of the best I have ever seen.

Ms D Lake – Assistant Head

Our Founder

Michael is a youth and leadership mindset coach, speaker and founder of Transcend X. Michael has worked with young people and served in leadership positions for over 10 years in differing contexts.